oh hey i didn't see you there

hey! i'm andy/lloyd/etc! i'm a human trash fire who makes comics for a living! a big part of why i'm here on the internet doing this shit again is because A) i miss having a big dumb xanga/LJ/etc where I post my stuff, and B) the idea of algorithms deciding who gets to see my art before anyone even actually sees it drives me fucking insane! I spend a lot of time IRL doing tables and conventions and artist alleys and I realized this year that way more fucking people lay eyes on my art when they can just, like, look at it, so Lloydville is basically just my "HEY HERE'S JUST ALL MY FUCKING ART AND SHIT LOOK AT IT OR DON'T BUT YOU GET TO DECIDE THIS TIME".

anyway it's fucking nuts that i've sold and traded more zines than people have actually seen the same zine insides on the internet due to twitter/instagram/i refuse to use tiktok because i'm 30. Welcome to Lloydville! In the immortal words of Eric Wareheim in Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie: "I THINK IT'S A GREAT MALL. DON'T LIKE MY MALL, DON'T FUCKING COME THEN"

(i swear i'm less belligerent irl. but just as upset at the internet.)