vampire: the masquerade: 1999

this is the chronicle I'm currently GMing with my friends! I figure I'd use this place to chronicle our/my obsessive v:tm bullshit. no pun intended.

V:TM 1999 takes place in a super 90's/Y2K world with a diva-esque/horror comedy tone, set at one of vampirekind's top NYC modeling agencies, Hemoglobal Talent Management (LLC). Constantly vying for social supremacy in the dog-eat-dog world of late 90's/early 2000's fashion, each member of the Hemoglobal coterie is living out their best/worst showbiz nightmares as the world crawls on towards the new millenium without them.


one of the perks of an all-cartoonist v:tm game is you get to force your uber talented friends to draw their characters :v

chronicle chapters


Every Thursday afternoon, Amber, Kaspar, and Tony get together to watch reruns of Amber's old sitcom (and Kaspar's favorite show), AMBER MANAGEMENT. Except this week - they turn the TV on, and there's no Amber Management. There's been Amber Management every thursday since 1982! What the hell is this?!

Meanwhile, Mallory hands them an audition sheet that's been slipped under the door: It's an obvious reboot of AMBER MANAGEMENT! Amber loses it - how dare they reboot the show without her approval or involvement?! (Plus - her residuals!!) Tony Tuesday is certain this is another trap, but everyone's just so hype to audition again they all go.

Heading over the headquarters of NTV - the station that airs Amber - they find themselves in the middle of a super crowded cattle call audition. Breezing through security as herself, with Kaspar pretending to be her boyfriend, Tony as her bodyguard, and Merry Andrews as her secretary/assistant, they enter the lobby.

While the NTV lobby concierge is distracted, Merry Andrews uses her vapor ability to smokescreen behind the desk and read as many emails as possible before she returns. They discover that the old Amber Management is still supposed to be on the air, and the reboot was very hasty.

On the concierge's return, Amber and Tony manage to convince her to give them an audition AT ONCE. It's a blind read, though, and Tony is illiterate, which makes his audition pretty hard. Amber does her audition next, for the role of Amber, but she gets a lukewarm callback. Kaspar goes next, against his will, auditioning for the role of Wacky Neighbor, but it's not so great. Finally, Merry Andrews - former star of silent film - tries out for the Wacky Neighbor, and wows everyone SO HARD that it's clear she got the job.



HemoGlobal gets invited to the hottest NYE event of the season: The house party thrown by rival modeling agency, F.U (Ford Underwood Talent Management). Mallory gives them an assignment: Figure out what Ford Underwood's models are up to for the next season to get one-up on them. Additionally, one of Beck's internet friends, Dakota Nebraska, has been getting threatening pages (on her pager, cause it's 1999) from someone accusing her of being a "bloodsucker". Since Beck's the only vamp she knows, she needs his help!

Dakota turns out to be F.U's new publicist, and the coterie wastes no time making complete jackasses of themselves at the NYE party. Merry Andrews is the only one who really stays on target, hoping to impress Mallory, while Amber freaks out because all the human blood has booze/drugs/?? in it and she's a staunch DARE supporter (former 80's child star and all that). Meanwhile, Beck realizes his big-time crush, Lance, is suspiciously at this party, and attempts to impress him the only way he knows how... half-assing college-style shenanigans he's seen in movies.

Eventually, after suitably impressing/grossing out the party, they discover Dakota in the laundry room round back. Spying Tony's Camarilla brand on his ankle - he's so shunned by both the Camarilla and the Anarchs that they both put a brand on him - Dakota balks. It's revealed that she's a ghoul, and she's worried there's hunters out to get her and her sire, rival model of the F.U. agency, Duke Duchovny.

Offering the gang a favor in exchange for finding the source of the texts, the coterie tracks the pages down to a pager store in the Bronx, which sells burner phones. ID'ing the purchaser of the pager as one Moses O'Doul, who owns an auto shop suspiciously close to HemoGlobal HQ, the gang ponders the significance of this when they get another page from Dakota: While they were gone, someone's kidnapped Duke - clearly those hunters - and she needs to call in that mutual favor NOW.

Arriving at the address the kidnappers gave, the coterie finds Duke, kidnapped by a gang of hunters as suspected. They dispatch them, but only after burning down the entire warehouse by accident. Amber has to convince the cops they're actually shooting a reboot of Amber Management and please don't mind the fire and the dead bodies it's cool seriously okay?

The clock strikes midnight just about the time the warehouse collapses under the accidental arson. End result: Beck has impressed his crush with his mad 90's pager backtracing skillz, Kaspar has gone through a whirlwind of emotional turmoil after ruining his best suit and reliving WWII by accident, Amber has somehow crashed the same car 3 times and only once on purpose, Merry Andrews successfully actually rescues Duke before the building burns down by cutting through his ropes with a hatpin, and nobody wants to tell Mallory what happened to the company car.

(this was a modified/1999-ified version of the Auld Sanguine V:TM storyline/one-shot by Renegade with adjustments made so it fit into the 1999 storyline)

crit success/messy critical/bestial fail wall of fame

night 4

x merry andrews crit successes an audition for "Wacky Neighbor" for the Amber Management reboot TWICE, channels the spirit of the late great Buster Keaton, and lands the role

night 3

x merry andrews crit successes slapping kasper so hard that he believes he's back in wwii, everyone around him (hunters) is nazis, and he goes full bloodlust berserk for the rest of the scene

x amber bestial failures backing the company car out of the warehouse after SUCCESSFULLY slamming it into a warehouse door to open it. amber rolls a compulsion that makes her spend the rest of the scene being absurdly mean to kaspar (whose car it is) until either the scene is over or she successfully emotionally destroys kaspar entirely. who keeps letting amber drive?????

night 2

x kaspar somehow bestial fails handling a hand grenade despite being in the french resistance, blows his suit up, takes willpower & clan based drawbacks because he's a Toreador and the suit was a real Alexander McQueen, then rolls a compulsion to become obsessed with the fire that took his suit for the rest of the scene

night 1

x amber bestial fails parallel parking a car, smashes both bumpers, rolls an anger compulsion, and loses the keys by chucking them into the gutter all in the same turn

x honorable mention: every single member of the coterie fails their roll on finding amber's keys

x beck crit successes a drinking contest vs tony that turns into a cheese-and-drinking contest, despite being a vampire who cannot consume any food whatsoever. manages to avoid having lance see him puke up all that cheese, everybody stood up and clapped, people started chanting "beck beck beck", crops were watered, my polio was cured,